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The new AI litter box for cats which can detect deadly diseases

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Seven of the top ten causes of deaths in domesticated cats include feces-related diseases.

Cats are hardy animals and are able to disguise discomfort until it’s too late to act. Generally, cats can take care of themselves and can withstand pain and hide signs of discomfort. As a cat owner, one of the quickest ways to judge your cat’s health is through its litter.

With this in mind, LuLuPet, the company behind the AI litter box for cats has created a litter box that uses AI recognition technology to detect deadly diseases in cat feces before it’s too late.

The AI litter box for cats automatically detects the condition of the litter and uses AI imaging technology to detect abnormalities in a cat’s feces and weight.

Research by the company behind the AI litter box shows that a cat’s kidneys are likely to be 70% damaged at the point where a cat owner can tell that something is wrong and takes their kitty to the vet. At this stage, the damage to the kidney is not only irreversible but will also lead to a very expensive vet bill.

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The technology used by LuLuPet is likely to take into account the Bristol stool chart, according to which, feces can be divided into seven distinct categories. The categories cover various shapes, sizes and consistencies of waste – where each can be used in the AI litter box to identify potential health problems in cats.

For example, type 1 and 2 feces indicate constipation, which is a potential sign of a tumor. Meanwhile, types 5, 6 and 7 indicate diarrhea and could be caused by diseases such as kidney failure.

The AI litter box for cats can tell different cats apart using weight and images of the cat’s fur – even in varying brightness levels.

Moreover, LuLuPet’s litter box not only detects the type of feces but also logs whether the cat is urinating or littering, the frequency of visits to the litter and the cat’s weight.

Using the logged data from the AI litter box, the technology creates a health report and notifies the cat owner of the cat’s health.

If you’re worried that a cat might be burying the litter, then we’re glad to say that LuLuPet has a solution. The artificial intelligence cat litter box uses various systems, including weight, cat identification, fur identification, and AI restoration to correctly track toilet visits.

Aside from this, the AI litter box has two systems. One analyses litter and another which checks clumping between feces and the contents of the litter box. The latter system attempts to reconstruct litter shape, and the manufacturer claims that it’s up 90% accurate.

Everything the AI litter box for cats collects is available in the company’s app, where data can be confirmed.

It will be interesting to see where LuLuPet takes its product, as it promises to further develop its AI technology to conduction diagnosis of certain diseases when enough data has been collected.

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