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List of 8 stunning grey cat breeds

Gray cat laying on duvet
Russian blue cat

Everyone has a preference for their favourite type of cat, and one of the most common favourites are grey cat breeds. These striking animals have won the hearts of many cat lovers and it is little wonder why.

There are many types of grey cat breeds out there, each of them with their own unique quirks, whether that is within their appearance or their temperament. In this article, we are going to be taking a look at some eight of the most wonderful grey cat breeds in the world.

Grey chartreux cat
Chartreux cat


Probably one of the most recognizable grey cat breeds and the one which springs to mind when thinking about this type of cat, the Chartreux is a cat that has a strong, sturdy appearance and a beautiful thick coat.

This particular breed of grey cat can be a very loving animal and is ideal to mix with other pets, including dogs. They are extremely intelligent cats and require a lot of attention from their owners, despite being independent as is true of most cat breeds. This is a breed of cat who loves to play and so is greatly suited to a family with children. Their impressively vibrant eyes add to their stunning aesthetic.

Nebelung cat on nature background
Nebelung cat


The Nebelung is one of the grey cat breeds which is not often seen, unlike many of the others on this list. These animals have a longer, thicker coat and dazzling green eyes making them a very attractive breed. They are a cousin of the Russian Blue cat.

These cats might look innocent but they are known for their playful and mischievous nature, meaning that owners should be able to give their pets a lot of time and attention to avoid unwanted behaviours.

Due to their long coats, it is important to frequently brush this breed of cat to ensure that their fur stays healthy and tangle-free.

Gray British Shorthair cat laying on a chair
British shorthair cat

British shorthair

The British shorthair cat might be easily confused with the Chartreux, but they are not the same breed. The British shorthair cat has a gloriously thick coat and is very solid and robust, just like the Chartreux, however, the British shorthair has a much less coarse coat and is much plusher.

This breed of grey cat is known to be very placid and laid back and so is suited to quieter homes. They are a very independent breed although they do love a fuss from their owners, on the cat’s terms of course.

Korat cat on black background
Korat cat


The Korat is one of the grey cat breeds which is prided for its beauty and charm. These animals are one of the most intelligent breeds on our list and they love to make it known to humans and require a lot of attention.

This breed loves to be loved and will thrive off any affection given to it, as well as indulging in a lot of playtimes with owners. They have striking green eyes that really get them noticed. The Korat is a cat that is very agile and slim and does not carry a lot of excess body weight, unlike many other the other grey cat breeds on this list.

Russian blue cat with green eyes laying on a pillow
Russian blue cat

Russian Blue

Another one of the world’s favourite grey cat breeds is the Russian Blue, these cats have a very shiny, thick coat and incredible green eyes. The Russian Blue is a very independent cat who is happy to play second fiddle to the busy life of his humans but that is not to say that they do not enjoy a cuddle when one is being offered.

This breed of cat can live for an exceptionally long time and so are great for those looking for a long time companion. The breed is also known to be good for those who suffer from allergies as they do not carry as many allergens in their double coats.

Egyptian Mau cat
Egyptian mau

Egyptian Mau

If you are looking for a kitty that will impress by way of its appearance then the Egyptian Mau is likely the grey cat breed that you will go for. These short-haired, small cats have a stunning leopard-like pattern and are known to be a very rare breed.

Whilst the breed does come in a variety of colours, the grey is the most commonly seen. They are also known to be very playful and enjoy spending time with their owners engaging in fun and games. Although they are very defensive of their territory and are very loyal to their humans.

Turkish Angora sat facing the camera
Turkish angora cat

Turkish Angora

The Turkish Angora is famed for being one of the most affectionate felines known to us humans, they are also incredibly playful and so owners will get a lot of joy from these animals. They have a very long coat which should be paid special attention when grooming the cat, but otherwise, this breed is considered to be very low maintenance.

Whilst some would say that these cats are mostly white, there is a large number which has many grey tones to their coats hence why they are featured in this list.

American shorthair cat with green eyes
American shorthair cat

American shorthair

Along with the British shorthair, the American shorthair cat is known to be one of the most beloved and popular cats on a global scale. These creatures are exceptionally friendly and love to interact with humans in both a playful sense and an affectionate one. Whilst the breed does come in many colours, there are many grey American shorthair cats out there.

The breed is very powerful and strong and is built sturdily and solid making for a very robust cat. They are quite a large breed but do not require excessive amounts of exercise.

Conclusion about grey cat breeds

There are many different types of grey cat breeds and each one has its own unique personality traits as well as an individual appearance. Grey cat breeds are loved the world over for their beauty and impressive looks. The grey cats featured in this list are some of the most well-loved grey cat breeds in the world and have made loving pets for families for a long time and surely will do for many years to come.

If you have any questions or additions, please comment below!

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  • I’m thinking of adopting a grey cat, he has shorter fur, but his tail is very fluffy with long hair. I can’t figure out what kind of grey breed he is, as he is an unusual mix of short and longer fur (only on his tail and a little on his lower back). He’s about three years old, is very mellow and sweet and has yellow/green eyes. Can you help?


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