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Clean N Tidy Cat Concept Multiloo Cube review

Clean N Tidy Cat Concept Multiloo Cube

Clean N Tidy Cat Concept Multiloo Cube is a closed cat litter box, bed, play area and scratch post in one. It even comes with a charcoal filter and a poop scoop. But is it good value?

If you’re like us, you want your cat to enjoy the absolute best in their life, especially if you have an indoor cat. However, you also want to make things easy and convenient for yourself. This is why an innovative cat litter box like the Clean N Tidy Cat Concept Multiloo Cube caught our eye!

Clean N Tidy Cat Concept Multiloo Cube review

Although this litter cube isn’t the smallest cat litter cube we’ve seen, measuring 47.5 x 39.5 x 42.9 cm (18.7 x 15.5 x 16.9 inches), it’s a space and money saver. How? Think about it… This litter box comes with:

  • closed cube litter box
  • comfortable cat bed
  • scratch post
  • fish rod toy
  • poop scoop

On top of this, the cat litter box has a charcoal filter. Maybe the cheap litter box I had to buy for Coco (my Bengal) was half the price, but when you add up all of those features, it makes the Cat Concept Multiloo Cube a very attractive product.

Clean N Tidy Catconcept Multiloo Cube

Design and Build

Clean N Tidy Cat Concept Multiloo Cube is contemporary and functional. The white and grey colors mean that this cube litter box blends pretty well with its surroundings.

Aside from the quick release catches that make it quick and easy for you to detach the box, any joints and clips are hidden inside the cube.

The cat scratch post and rod toy are on the outside and can be placed on any side of the Multiloo Cube, or removed completely if you want to keep your litter cube minimalistic.

When it comes to build quality, our only downsides were that the clips are flimsy and can be hard to line up. However, once everything is pieced together, the litter box becomes solid and sturdy.

The plastic used for the Clean N Tidy Cat Concept Multiloo Cube is high quality and scratch resistant, meaning that you won’t have to worry about your furry friend (or yourself!) ruining the looks.


From a cat’s point of view, the closed top and flap make it a dark and private place for them to do their business. The cube is a good enough size for a large cat, so don’t be surprised if a smaller cat thinks they’ve entered a tardis!

Perhaps the Clean N Tidy Cat Concept Multiloo Cube isn’t as functional as an open-top litter box when it comes to cleaning. Some dust and urine may get stuck around clips and edges on the inside. However, all the time in between the litter is well concealed, both visually and scent wise thanks to the carbon filter that covers the side vent.

On a good note, the Multiloo Cube cat litter box has a hidden poop scoop that comes with the cube. It’s hidden in the ceiling of the box, which can be easily accessed by raising the bed and turning it over. We had concerns that this would be quite impractical in case the cat slept on the cube. However, cats don’t like sleeping or eating near the place they use as a toilet, so this is unlikely to be a problem.

Personally, I’m used to larger litter scoops, so I cannot imagine using the one provided with the Clean N Tidy Cat Concept Multiloo Cube.

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Video of the Multiloo Cube

Here’s a video from the manufacturer, Moderna:

How much does it cost?

At the time of the review, the pricing for Clean N Tidy Cat Concept Multiloo Cube was as follows:

United States$46
United Kingdom£52

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Cat Concept Multiloo Cube


Design and Build





  • 3-in-1 design
  • Looks modern
  • Plenty of room


  • Flimsy clips
  • Small litter scoop

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