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Why is my cat hiding?

If you have discovered that your cat hides quite often, and he or she isn’t quite the snuggle puss you had hoped he would be, there are plenty of reasons why...

Cat Behaviour

Stop your cat from biting you

Providing plenty of distractions may help stop your cat from biting you and will redirect an aggressive cat’s energy. Playing roughly with your cat...

Cat Care

Spring cleaning for cat coats

With spring comes flowers, green grass, and shedding! Whether you have a long or short-haired cat, this time of year means hair and dander in abundance. Having...

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Is my cat sick?

Cats are both predators and prey by nature, and signs of illness make them a target for predators. This leads many sick cats to become quiet and withdrawn and...

Cat Care

Should you wash your cat?

One of our highly valuable readers recently sent in this question: “I would like to know if you can give a cat a wash, and if you can, how?“ Giving...

Cat Care

The easy guide to grooming your cat

Yes, yes… we know that cats keep themselves spotless. However, they do need some attention to ensure that they stay hygienic and healthy. Cats have a...

Cat Behaviour

Why do cats flop?

Many of you may have seen your cat roll over on their side as you approach them, and if you’re as curious as us, you might be asking yourself, why do cats flop...

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