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Best cat water fountains in the UK reviewed

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Unsure which water fountain is right for your cat? In this review and buying guide of cat water fountains, we’ll review our 12 favourite water fountains for cats and the reasons for our choices.

All animals, including cats, show a preference for moving water over still water. Moving water has a higher percentage of oxygen, which makes it taste better as well as fresher. Thus, water in the bowl is invariably ignored when the tap is open. This tendency of cats makes water fountains more of a necessity, rather than a luxury.

Keeping good health and convenience of your feline friend(s) in mind, we have compiled this list of 12 cat water fountains that are worth your money. We have also reviewed every cat fountain included in the list to make it easy for you to make a final choice.

Cat Mate water fountain

Cat Mate Drinking Water Fountain

The Cat Mate Drinking Water Fountain is my personal choice, and the cat water fountain you’ll find in my home.

The highlight of the Cat Mate drinking fountain is that it features three different height levels, which makes it easier for cats of various sizes to use it.

The fountain also features two ramps that minimise the splashing and audible sounds. This cat fountain comes equipped with polymer activated carbon filters that do an excellent job of cleaning the water of all kinds of contaminants.

However, these filters must be cleaned and replaced regularly to ensure the healthy working of the fountain.

PETKIT water fountain

PETKIT Smart Pet Drinking Fountain

The PETKIT Smart Pet Drinking Fountain comes equipped with the anti-burn out technology and an alarm that goes off when water levels reduce below the requisite level. More importantly, the system shuts down completely when the water bowl becomes empty – these mechanisms protect the motor and grant long life to the cat water fountain.

The water fountain system also features a yellow light that flashes when the filter needs replacing. The Petkit Anti Burn Out water dispenser ensures clean water through the use of its triple filtration system and also features the smart mode designed to allow it to produce the right amount of water, depending on whether it’s day or night.

Petsafe Avalon Ceramic Cat Fountain

Petsafe Avalon Ceramic Cat Fountain

The Petsafe Avalon Ceramic cat fountain is a free-flowing fountain that is the ideal choice if you have more than one cat. Unlike most other cat fountains, this one’s made from ceramic, which is both a good as well as a bad thing. While the use of ceramic keeps the water cool, it also makes the fountain prone to damages. However, the wide bowl actively protects the fountain from any kind of damages. This cat fountain features the active carbon filtration system, which keeps the water clean and fresh at all times. However, this cat fountain is a bit loud and its sound may bother some people.

catit flower fountain

The Catit Flower Fountain

If you are looking for a cat water fountain that will truly stand out, try the Catit Flower Fountain. Its design includes a white flower with a yellow stigma from which water flows out into a green water bowl. The fountain also comes equipped with a water softening system that purifies the water and cleans it of any particles as well as cat hair. The Catit Flower fountain features three different flow settings.

The Pawbo Spring

The Pawbo Spring

The Pawbo Spring comes equipped with a super-efficient three-layer filtration system that ensures an unrestricted supply of safe and healthy water and a camera that allows you to track your cat’s activity when you are not home. Along with the Pawbo Spring app, the fountain allows cat owners to keep track of their cat’s drinking habits and daily water intake. The fountain also sends out an alarm when the water is low, thereby ensuring your cat has access to clean drinking water all the time.

Honey Guardian Cat Fountain

Honey Guardian Cat Fountain

This Honey Guardian cat fountain features three different modes. If you select the infrared induction mode, the filter will switch on when your cat is within a 150 centimeters range and automatically switch off when it crosses out of that range. On the other hand, selecting the continuous mode will keep the filter on throughout the day, and selecting the intermittence mode will make the fountain release water after every 30 minutes. This fountain comes with a 12-months warranty and its compact design makes it ideal for small apartments.

Petsafe Drink Well Fountain

Petsafe Drink Well Fountain

This 5-liter capacity Petsafe Drinkwell water fountain is the ideal choice if you have multiple cats at home. It comes in two versions: 1.8 liters and 4 liters. So, if you have a single cat, you can always opt for the smaller version. The fountain features an active carbon filtration system, which ensures the delivery of safe and tasty water. More importantly, this Petsafe fountain features a silent pouring system, is dishwasher safe, and features a removable reservoir.

Catit Fresh Clear

Catit Fresh & Clear

The Catit Fresh & Clear features a unique water release system — the water bubbles through its middle. This unique water release system completely minimizes the sounds that water splashing out of the fountain makes. This cat fountain is made from stainless steel. The use of stainless steel makes this fountain ideal for the health of cats. Stainless does not only minimize the accumulation of bacteria in the water bowl but also grants life to the fountain.

Paracity LED Pet Waterbowl

Paracity LED Pet Waterbowl

The Paracity LED Pet Waterbowl features a blue LED that not only accentuates the beauty of the fountain but also has a utilitarian function — it makes the fountain stand out at night when all the lights are off. It features charcoal filters that are pretty efficient and easily capture debris and waste, ensuring an unrestricted supply of high-quality and tasty water. The water flows out continuously from this 1.8-liter capacity water fountain, thereby encouraging cats to drink more water.

Amzdeal Blue LED Fountain

Amzdeal Blue LED Fountain

The Amzdeal blue LED fountain is another cat water fountain that features a blue LED light. The highlight of this fountain, however, is its mute motor, which eliminates any water noises. The fountain also allows cat owners to adjust the flow rate to suit the trickle rate to their cat’s liking. Though this water fountain offers good value for money, there is one shortcoming: it features a very short water cable.

Dogit Fountain

Dogit Fountain

The Dogit fountain is a 6-liter capacity fountain that is a good buy for people who have multiple cats. The fountain features a dual-function replaceable filter, which collects all kinds of contaminants, making sure the water supplied is clean and safe. It has a large surface area, which provides ample surface area for oxygenation. The water is re-circulated continuously, making sure there is never any stale water in the fountain. This constant re-circulation also ensures the water stays cool all the time.

Pawfiesta Fountain

The Pawfiesta fountain features two flowing fountains that keeping your cats curious and involved while also ensuring they are drinking enough water every day. The 360-degree water flow system makes it easy for cats to drink water and the white and pink design makes it look cute. All in all, this is a good product for its price.

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