A fashion brand that aims to save the elephants!

Although elephants have nothing to do with cats, we could not pass on the opportunity of introducing this site’s readers to a responsible fashion brand which saves our second favourite animals: ELEPHANTS!

How we came across Jolly Elephant

We first came across Jolly Elephant a few weeks ago, seeing the new brand post some great photos and facts on social media. Seeing a consistent schedule and very good interactiveness with anyone who commented, we joined in the conversation about how clothing can save elephants.

It turns out that Jolly Elephant not only wants to save the elephants but also their habitats and other endangered wildlife within the elephant eco-system. Overall, the goal is to stop the ivory trade. Jolly Elephant aims to achieve this by helping injured and orphaned elephants, rhinos and other endangered wildlife, as well as by educating locals to ensure that they live side-by-side with elephants without any conflict.

Model in a Jolly Elephant t-shirt
An “Every Elephant Matters” Jolly Elephant t-shirt

Are elephants important?

Through our DM messaging, we learned just how important elephants are. These are outlined on Jolly Elephant’s Story page, but they are vital to the environment because they:

  • help spread seeds around forests and land
  • dig waterholes for other animals
  • create natural pathways through dense forests and land for other animals
  • provide food for other species by breaking branches with leaves and fruit
  • enormous economic value from a tourism point of view

How does Jolly Elephant save the elephants?

Jolly Elephant has a strong belief that the reach and expertise of established charities are far greater than what Jolly Elephant could achieve as a charity. Therefore, they are not a charity. In fact, it is a for-profit business. The twist comes in when you learn that Jolly Elephant donates 50% of their profit to charities who have the experience and direct impact on saving elephants in the wild.

They look at each month’s profits, halve the number and make a donation to a specific charity. So far, a variety of charities have been supported, but Jolly Elephant is most passionate about those who have a real presence and impact in their specific area.

The best thing about Jolly Elephant is that they don’t just support elephant-orientated charities. If you buy one of their outdoor tops, the profit from your order will go to a tree/nature saving charity. Whereas, if you products with house pets, the profit from those sales will go to relevant charities.

If you would like to help save the elephants, animals and support other causes, please visit the Jolly Elephant website.

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